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Thanks for your interest in a RoomSimple house!

Application Process:
  1. There is a $25 dollar application fee for each person who will be on the lease. This covers our costs for processing the application and running a credit check. This must be paid with cash or a certified check/money order payable to RoomSimple.
  2. Print and fill out this application form .
  3. Deliver the payment and the application form to Angela (contact her at or 989-372-1678 to make arrangements).

We will then contact you to let you know if your application is successful.

If it is, we will need two things to complete the process:
  1. A copy of the lease signed by the applicants and RoomSimple.
  2. A security deposit in the amount of one and a half of the monthly rent

A representative from RoomSimple will meet with you to sign the lease and collect the check.

That's it!

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