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In case of emergency: (top)
  • If you have a fire, security or health emergency call 911 first.
  • If you there is a problem with a downed power line or you smell gass call the appropriate utility company (numbers can be found below on this page).
  • For non-emergency repairs contact Angela at or 989-372-1678.
  • For emergency repairs:
    • Call Angela at 989-372-1678
    • If you cannot reach Angela, call Chris McVety at 312.285.8044
    • If you cannot reach Chris McVety, email Jeff at

Turning Utilities On and Off: (top)
  • Board of Water and Light
  • Consumers Energy
  • Trash Removal
    • Granger
      • 517.371.9777
    • City Bags
      • You buy bags (5 for $8) and put them out on the street on Tuesdays and the city takes them
      • The bags can be purchased at Kroger, Meijer, and other such stores
      • You do not have to sign-up...just buy the bags and put them on the curb on Tuesday
    • City Collection
  • Recycling
    • Free!
    • You obtain a green bin from the city and place it on the curb on Tuesdays
    • There are strict rules about what can be recycled - read the following link
    • More information

Subletting: (top)

  • We reserve the right to make a decision as to whether or not you are able to sublet to a given party. You may only do so with written permission from us.

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